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Sallet with a bevor is a helmet of the 15th century belongs to a group of helmets that have common characteristic features (the presence of a nape and a longitudinal stiffening rib). Sallet has a lifting visor to facilitate visibility, which is closed immediately before the battle. The helmet is also equipped with a bevor to protect the jaw and neck. The bevor can open up for better breathing, it is also possible to manufacture a fixed bevor. Sallet helmet can be made of various types of steel, both with blackening and without it.

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Sallets became widespread in Germany in the second half of the 15th century, used by both foot soldiers and mounted knights. Sallet was usually worn separately, sometimes a bevor was attached to it, protecting the chin. Under the helmet, they also wore a quilted fabric balaclava and a chain mail cap to protect the neck and nape, protruding from under the rear edge of the helmet. Sallet (shaller) refers to Gothic armor.

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